Hanging out with the Thespians Anonymous- September Edition

Hanging out with Thespians Anonymous- Thespians Writing group and Acting workshop

Another academic year started and Thespians Anonymous welcome each and every one of you to be part of their team, join their activities or even organize  your own. A room reserved for that purpose is available for any eager Thespian willing to host or participate in those activities. Let’s take a short look on some of the things we did in September!

The month started with the first meeting of the Thespians Writers’ group. Short novels, poems, prose or scripts or even unwritten ideas well hidden in your head can be the starting point for your creative writing experience. More easily said than done, though! Right? How do you even start? Is what I am writing good enough? The idea behind those meetings is exactly to create a group that will support, motivate and inspire each other so that we can get over the insecurities and express our own ideas and thoughts. With the general topic “Voices” introduced by Bryan Dollery, the host of this hangout, the participants were encouraged to share their interpretations until the next meeting in which they will try to move on and build their own storyline.

Later on, a very interesting acting workshop was organized with the aim to provide the participants with the tools and understanding to feel comfortable and confident on stage. With the title Bridging Theatre Art and Cognitive Neuroscience, Andrey Rodionov, the organizer of the acting workshop, attempted to explain, in theory and practice, how theatre art is connected to brain research. Based on Konstantin Stanislavski’s theory on the usefulness of knowledge about the brain in theatre art, the first session program included physical relaxation, attention shift and group communication. More sessions will be organized giving the participants the opportunity to understand the concept and practice of acting deeper and from different perspectives.

So, stay tuned and join our next hang outs!


Dimitra Spyratou is a member of Thespians Anonymous the last two years and she is interesting in theatre and all related activities. This blog post is the second one regarding Thespians Anonymous’ hang-outs. Blog posts about all our hang-outs will be posted on a monthly basis.

Thespians Anonymous is an active, non-profit amateur drama group that aims to promote English language, culture and drama work in Finland. For more information about who we are and what we are doing visit Thespians Anonymous’ webpage  or follow us on our Facebook page.



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