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Love Lust Loss Life Musical Revue, Thespians Anonymous 2011Theatre. In English. In Helsinki.

That’s what the Thespians Anonymous Blog is all about. The blog gives a glimpse to both the humdrum and dramatic world of some theatre passionistas.

The authors and creators of the blog are enthusiastic performers, collaborators and fans of Thespians Anonymous Theatrical Society. The text or photo centric posts published approximately 2-6 times a month cover the amateur theatre life from costume making and directing to acting workshops and other events.

Thespians Anonymous (more familiarly known as TA) is a multicultural amateur theatre group based in Helsinki, Finland. The theatrical society has operated since 1999 and currently has approximately 45 active members.

For more information about Thespians Anonymous, please visit our Facebook page, or drop us a message at thespians.anonymous@gmail.com



What can Thespians Anonymous (TA) do for me?

  • TA welcomes everybody with interest for English language theatre and brings people together.
  • TA offers you for instance opportunities to act, to direct, to create sets and costumes, and more, independently of your level of experience. Only commitment is required.
  • TA encourages people with little or no experience to come forward and gain experience in the world of amateur theatre.
  • TA can support you to find venues, rehearsal spaces, money, target audience, actors, backstage crew for your productions and help with practicalities (rights, organising auditions, budgeting/accounting).
  • If you are a playwright, you might want to bring your plays/scenes to TA for play readings or to make them come to life on stage, or simply to get feedback from other theatre enthusiasts.

What can I do for TA?

Get involved!

  • Come forward with suggestions for productions (large and small scale). TA usually tries to make two larger production a year (full-length plays or collections of short plays), but there are many other possibilities for smaller projects (e.g. in cafés, in parks, in small venues, on the street, etc.).
  • Organise workshops (acting, make-up, dancing, etc.). You can either teach yourself or contact a person (professional or not) that could make it.
  • Come up with any activities for our weekly “hangouts” or any time that is convenient for you (play-reading, play watching, games, etc.)
  • Volunteer to join our backstage crew for ongoing or future productions (creating sets and costumes, operating sounds/lights, stage management, production, etc.).

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about TA’s current plans and join one of our monthly meeting to meet and talk with us in person: thespians.anonymous@gmail.com.


Everyone can become a member of Thespians Anonymous Theatrical Society Ry for 5 EUR per semester.

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