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 The selection process for the productions of Thespians Anonymous (TA) can vary, but most often someone suggests a play that he/she is interested in directing. When multiple options are available, TA’s board make a survey among the active members to gauge the specific interests and to make an informed decision about which play to choose.
Once a play is chosen, the person who proposed it starts to organise auditions and the rehearsal process.
For our next production “Find Me” by Olwen Wymark, this procedure was slightly altered as the play drawing the most interest was proposed by a member who was not able to commit to the role of director. This is why I was nominated director, because I expressed interest in directing, without a specific play in mind.
This experience is doubly interesting. Firstly because I discover the text with fresh eye at almost the same pace as the actors and I do not have a bias regarding how specific scenes should be carried out. Secondly because this specific play has as a main challenge that several actors play the main characters and actors keep changing who they are.
We all embark on a journey to find us… as director, actors, and crew members. Who are we as individuals and as a group? What are we going to deliver? How can an actor be the same character as another one? This is quite unusual to share a reality that is meant to be unique. Or is it?
The play will take our audience through a journey, trying to find who is Verity Taylor, a young girl with a mental disability, attempting to cope with the world around her. A journey, trying to find who her parents are and why they struggle to find a place for her to be happy.
Based on a true story, it will challenge the minds and the hearts of our audience members.

Arnaud Praplan joined Thespians Anonymous four years ago. He is chair in the Thespians Anonymous’ board since February 2015 and it is his second time directing a full production.

Olwen Wymark’s Find me is Thespians Anonymous’ play for Autumn 2016. Shows are on the 22nd, 23rd, 25th and 26th of November, 2016 in Hurjaruuth, Kaapelitehdas Tallberginkatu 1 A Helsinki. For more information visit Thespians Anonymous’ webpage or the Facebook page.

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