Physical Theater: The first workshop

What happens when you take the words away from an actor (or any performer really) and ask them to tell a story without them?


In the first of the 4 workshop series of physical theatre, a room full of theatre enthusiasts kicked off their exploration in finding ways of conveying feelings, emotions and ideas with the body and, more importantly, through the body. The first half of the workshop focused on tuning into the body through guided improvisation and breath work and then went on to connecting into all the other bodies and energies in the room. The second part explored the relationship between sound and movement, finding ways one affects another.

As a facilitator and an observer, it was exciting to witness how quickly all twelve participants (or should I say explorers) connected to the work and one another. I would’ve never guessed we were all strangers to each other. All of my ‘instructions’ were met with a curious, open attitude, without over analysing the purpose of it. We even got little solo movement sequences done and shared them with the group, as well as a full on group improvisation that went on for a good quarter of an hour. It will be exciting to continue the work with Thespians Anonymous and welcome new energies in the group as well.


The next workshop will deepen the exploration between voice and movement. No experience (or attendance in the first workshop) of any kind is necessary. Just an open and playful mind and willingness to get out of the comfort zone is needed. As the point of these games and exercises is to bring out stories through the body, the participants can do as much or as little as they want. So those who have never tried physical theatre, but are curious about it, no need to worry that you’ll be thrown in the deep end!


Anna Olkinuora studied physical theatre at St Mary’s University in London and she will be sharing her knowledge and passion about physical theater in a series of workshops open for everyone interested in exploring his/her own body in relation to voice, movement and space.

Thespians Anonymous is an active, non-profit amateur drama group that aims to promote English language, culture and drama work in Finland. For more information about who we are and what we are doing visit Thespians Anonymous’ webpage  or follow us on our Facebook page.



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