Newbies – Come and Lose your Heart

With a dream of long days and long nights and a passion to touch the European heart, my journey to Finland began in the late Summer of 2012. Feelings of uncertainty about the language barrier, and whether I would be able to satisfy my theatrical dream of craziness bothered me a lot in those early days. A frantic web-search  resulted in me finding a group of Thespians who wants to stay Anonymous! That was my first connection to Thespians Anonymous (TA), which after almost half a year became my destined group to hang out, chill out and to have fun with.


The beautiful emails sent by Erna (now Chair of Thespians Anonymous and communications executive at that time) on those early days were like the glimmering rays of sun emerging behind the clouds – though they were not yet enough to push me and get involved. My first actual encounter with this holly-jolly bunch of crazies was at a bowling night in Kamppi. My director-to-be Pauliina – the great “Pau” – offered me to help improve her score on that first night! It’s something like getting entangled into a theatrical journey on the first sight. Shakespeare was never a favorite of mine, but seeing this same group of fun people perform some enigmatic scenes from Shakespearean drama in the green parks of Helsinki -it was definitely a relaxing experience after a long day of work.


And how can I forget the day of auditioning… Aspirants from all over Europe (or should I say, “the world”), with their individual craziness, individual fantasies and determination gathered in the clubroom, which I hadn’t been to before myself.
Only after building a mysterious connection to the Helsinki University’s rehearsal space named ”Ulrika” are you allowed to enter that den of mysterious love, theatrical pomp and undefined craziness – like the treasure trove of “Alibaba and 40 thieves“. Rehearsing with a group of charming and passionate theater lovers for the next couple of months completely baptized me to the “anonymous” fun world of Thespians!! Now when I go back, walking down the stairs, I always feel a rush of blood as I listen to my heart pumping faster in the anticipation of uncertain love, fun and craziness.


Now having been involved in theatrical productions, and partying with them like an animal, in the short space of six months I can feel a part of my soul becoming anonymously thespian. It’s like living life for something special, becoming deeply involved with something you love. Thespians Anonymous became a reason for me to enjoy life, and to explore the wonder of theater.
The busy days in life sometime turn you away from your passion – but it can never completely remove you from Thespians. You know the passion involved with it, the reason for living in Helsinki, the reason to see differently this dreamy world of long days and long nights. If you haven’t experienced this super roller coaster ride of passion and love and craziness yet, come and experience it! But be warned – you will surely lose your heart here.



Ritabrata Dutta, originally from Kolkata, India, moved to Helsinki after living in USA for 4 years. He joined the Thespians Anonymous in Fall 2012, took part in the English theater festival FELT IF 2012 and is now the director of the autumn 2013 production Garden of Delights. Theater is one of his surrealistic fantasies outside of doing research in Mathematical Statistics and Machine Learning.

Thespians Anonymous is proud to inform of the auditions for our Autumn production of 2013, Garden of Delights! The auditions are on Sunday, September 1st and Thursday, September 12th. For more information, check out the link to our website here or our Facebook group here.

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