From Current Themes to Timeless Comedy at FELT IF 2012

Alicja as Lady Elworth in A Glass of Water, photo by Sedeer El-Showk, Thespians Anonymous 2010

Six days, nine plays, seven directors, three original scripts. At FELT IF 2012, Thespians Anonymous bring to stage diverse short plays addressing contemporary themes. This Festival will also be a trial ground for one TA actor spreading his wings as a first-time director and for a TA veteran director debuting as a playwright.

You’ll hear lines like: *

You will not be sorry when I have destroyed your enemies.

No need to get snippy, young lady. You know how your father’s side of the family is with alcohol. You have to be careful. It’s in your genes.

Why did Michelangelo make David? Why did da Vinci make the Mona Lisa?

They are pounding away, and something seems to be falling, breaking apart, some kind of wall seems to be coming down – the earth is changing – and it is so spacious and wide and free!

Damn straight. Just let me know when the K-button gives out, honey.

Alicja Kocańda has been passionate about performing arts since age of six when she began giving piano recitals and loved all the attention. She is one of the Festival directors, her second time directing with TA after having acted, produced and stage managed.

Thespians Anonymous are participating in FELT IF 2012, held in the end of November in Helsinki. FELT IF 2012, the fourth Festival of English Language Theatre in Finland, is organized by The Finn-Brit Players together with Thespians Anonymous.

* Quotes taken from the following plays, in order of appearance:
A Long Time Ago – a tragic fantasy by Floyd Dell, directed by Pieter Ketelings
Bear with me, written & directed by Pauliina Munukka
Beer Girl by Walter Wykes, directed by Richard Cohen
Call of The Revolution by Leonid Andreyev, directed by Anastasia Diatlova
Words, Words, Words by David Ives, directed by Alicja Kocańda

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