Why Do I Do Theatre – For Art, Love and Cake

Lotta as Gerda in Snow Queen, photo by Sedeer El-Showk. Thespians Anonymous 2010

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like I study literature, it feels like I study Thespians Anonymous. Because for each production there’s a lot that needs to be done, and the amount of time and effort I put down on handling a glue gun, battling with some needle and thread, running around with a hammer and a pair of scissors or simply buying Blu-Tack, should be put into writing essays and reading books. So, why do I have a hobby that takes up so much time and energy? Simple: because I love it.

I remember that I wanted to be an actress at some point, but I gave that up in a pursuit of a more realistic career as a treasure hunting archaeologist or a goldsmith around the age of 9. I did however get involved in some school plays and drama camps, but during high school I steered away from these because of the people involved in them and the plays they put up; they just weren’t my thing. So, when I started university, I had a look around at what kind of activities they had to offer.

That’s how I found Thespians. Since then, I’ve been acting, writing, sewing, gluing, building, singing and baking for “the greater good”. They even managed to snag me on to the board: what can I say? There were cookies, and I have a weakness: I’ll do almost anything for food.

But let’s get serious for a moment with an intense look and a theatrical whisper. I do this because it’s fun, because I enjoy being creative and doing artsy things and because it’s a way for me to do something for myself: a sort of hectic if yet fulfilling me-time. The people I meet, the events and parties we have – not to mention the productions we put up – fills a part of the black hole I like to call my heart with pride at what we create as a group and joy because I get to know many new faces.  And hey, if there’s cake involved, then you can count on me!

Lotta Heikkinen is an addicted thespian and has been part of Thespians Anonymous since autumn 2009. She enjoys seafood & British period drama and will one day live in a castle and rule Scotland. Or, alternatively, sell her soul for some cheesecake.

This entry is the second in a series of blog posts entitled “Why do I do Theatre?”. In the series, members of Thespians Anonymous write about the reasons behind them keeping up with a hobby that requires so much time and effort as theatre does.

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