Alice in Wonderland: A new world is opening for you!

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Directing Alice has been an interesting experience in that I personally didn’t “choose it”, rather it came from a mutual decision with two other people and I went along with it. Then both of those people left but the project remained, and so I am directing it.

It’s always challenging tackling something you’re not fond of in any special way. I rather like the story but would certainly never have ended up here without the circumstances.

During the auditions we weren’t quite sure of the direction we were taking this play, but really after seeing the tea party scene so many times making it a fun, not-so-dark play was the way to go. I feel that the trope of Alice in Darkness-Gloom-Despairland had been done so many times that it’s uninteresting.

Making the script and story meaningful for me has been and is still tough, though I feel I’ve gotten closer to my true interpretation of it as we keep practicing. And especially the last few weeks I’ve gotten that real giddy feeling that you want to get from doing theater. Like, this things gonna work out real well.

And on other things, the cast we have has so much talent and so much fun on set that this play is really going to be a joy to see.



Emppu Jurvanen is an actor from Hämeenlinna, currently studying acting in Työväen Akatemia.

Jason Pizzarello’s Alice in Wonderland is Thespians Anonymous’ play for Autumn 2018. Shows are on the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th of November, 2018 in Hurjaruuth, Kaapelitehdas, Tallberginkatu 1 A Helsinki. For more information visit Thespians Anonymous’ Facebook page as well as the event page on Facebook.

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