Photo shooting: Myths and Legends (part 1)


How different our life would have been without the magical world of mythology? Without the possibility to escape to a world of brave heroes, beautiful princesses, generous or resentful gods and extraordinary creatures? Storybooks, plays, movies are all inspired by the great myths and legends that we all have heard about. And here we are, Thespians Anonymous present some of these Myths and Legends in a photoshoot… glorious places and adventurous people struggling with their choices, trying to fulfill their wishes and desires and facing the concequences.






King Arthur admiring the grace and beauty of his lovely wife Guinevere.


You are lucky and you know it Arthur!!


Excalibur is mine! I shall be the king of Camelot


Morgan le Fay and King Arthur. "This is for you, my King!"


Goodbye my King, my husband, my love...
Morgan le Fay in action...


Morgan Le Fay


Morgan Le Fay preparing a "special" drink for King Arthur


Photo credit: Anna Kruglaya

Thespians Anonymous is an active, non-profit amateur drama group that aims to promote English language, culture and drama work in Finland. For more information about who we are and what we are doing visit Thespians Anonymous’ webpage  or follow us on our Facebook page.

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