Making it Up – Part 3

Here are the last pictures from our Fairy Tale photo shoot. Enjoy!

Our famous heroes have prevailed, and are off to seek new purses to snatch...


...although Robin might want to take some lessons in archery first.
Ah, but what Robin Hood story would be complete without Maid Marion?
And what would a fairy tale be without a proper love story?


Now Baba Yaga, the fabled witch of Russian folklore, has made her frightening appearance. What poor girl does she stalk now?


The flying boy himself, Peter Pan, whooshes in to taunt Captain Hook once again!
Tiger Lily scouts the land for danger.
Hook himself is waiting, glorying in mounds of treasure.
But, as always, the Hook faces defeat by the hands of Peter Pan!


We had a blast, and we hope these pictures were one for you, too! We’ll be making more photo blogs and photo shoots in the future, so don’t forget to keep your eyes open for more awesomeness from Thespians Anonymous!

Pictures: Anna Simoroshka Kruglaia

Text: Jonathan O’Brien


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