Cabin in the Woods

On the second weekend of May, Thespians Anonymous headed to Metsäpirtti, Tuusula for the annual camping weekend.

Cabin in the Woods 1 by Nihan Tanişer
The weather was really on our side, so warm and sunny - so we started the afternoon with a walk.


Then some continued with games in the cottage...


... while others preferred enjoying the sun on the pier.


Early evening was sauna o'clock! Including: cooling by dipping ourselves in the lake!


Then we proceeded to make delicious food in the kitchen, where all the equipment was over-sized -- they made me look like I shrank. It was also quite a workout!


Check out our pizza master, he knows what he's doing! ;)


The game table was never empty, and was visited by some bookworms too.


The evening ended with singing songs around a fire... grilling mushrooms... and telling scary stories... not! But a movie on a big screen wasn't so bad either :)



Nihan Tanışer is one of those fewer Thespians who like it more in the backstage than on-stage. This year she is responsible for organizing events in Thespians Anonymous.

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