Welcoming All Newbies – Don’t Worry, You’ve Got This

Siiri as Mrs Throckmortonshire in Chemical Imbalance, photo by Stuart McQuade, Thespians Anonymous 2012

So you want to be a Thespian? Better beware, newbie!

Just kidding. As one of the newest Thespians Anonymous members, I know how you’re feeling. At least I think so. You may be a bit wary – everyone seems to know each other already, and you feel… well, new. However, rest assured that there are no warmer and wider arms than those of Thespians. That’s something I’ve come to notice during the past year – my first with TA.

Ever since a little child, I’ve been interested in acting and all things theatre. While browsing options for education after high school, I found out there was a theatre club functioning inside the University of Helsinki. An English theatre club, as well! That seemed to be just the ticket for me, combining two of my favourite things: acting and the English language. I made a mental note I would look into it if I ever ended up in Uni. Helsinki.

And here we are. Guilty as charged. At the “opening carnival” of the academic year 2011-2012, I found my way to the TA stand and put my name on the mailing list. When I received the information about the auditions for that autumn’s production, Under the Microscope, the whole plan to join TA suddenly solidified. I took a deep breath and thought, “This is my chance.”

I’m still quite in awe of myself for actually going to the auditions and giving it my best shot. I’ve never been very outspoken or daring, so going out there in the middle of complete strangers, speaking a foreign language, let alone performing – kilometres off my comfort zone. But in I went, auditioned, met some wonderful people, had a good time, and managed to snatch myself a role in the production as well – I was so happy!

Since then, TA has led me through numerous rehearsals, playreadings, parties, a whole new production (Chemical Imbalance)… and so much laughter. These people are simply amazing, and I warn you – it’s surprisingly easy to get withdrawal symptoms if you don’t see them for a while. In a totally non-creepy way, of course.

I’m sure that I can speak for all those who were newbies with me that we were welcomed most warmly and made feel like a part of the group from the very beginning.

Of course, warming up doesn’t happen as quickly for everyone. It’s understandable if you, a brand-new Thespian, feel like everyone else has already fused into one bubbly bunch with you still on the outside. However, you will feel like one of them sooner than you think – in fact, you already are one of them! All you need to do is shake off those last bits of confusion and insecurity… and step in.

I guarantee it’s worth it.

Siiri Turunen has been an enthusiastic Thespians Anonymous member since autumn 2011. Acting is one of the things she loves without quite knowing why – like earrings, hedgehogs, and dry asphalt in spring. She firmly believes there is always room for one more cookie.

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