Start of Summer: TA’s trip to Metsäpirtti

Siiri authorTA’s traditional Metsäpirtti visit happened this year on May 13–14. We started, as usual, in front of Kamppi’s K-market where we, as usual, bought as many groceries as 15-or-so indulgent theatre people would need in a bit over 24 hours and, as usual, confused the poor cashier with the thick stacks of cash uncharacteristic to most shoppers in 2017.

The bus services to Metsäpirtti have been greatly reduced since last year, so we got to travel very comfortably in two taxis. The weather was perfect for the weekend: Sun! Warmth! And not a flake of snow!

Fun was had by all!
Fun was had by all!

After delegating duties and having lunch, it was time to play some theatre games! After a while, we decided to move outside as it was (yes!) still sunny and spring-y. I was soon transported back to the year 2000 with some good old-fashioned yard games and was really regretting not bringing a skipping rope.

Arno found a cute cat! But how does Zach feel about this?
Arno found a cute cat! But how does Zach feel about this?

Metsäpirtti would not be Metsäpirtti without an early evening sauna. About half of us went to sauna while the others prepared the barbecue dinner by the lake. Even though spring so far had not been kind to us weather-wise, and even less kind to lake temperatures, all sauna-goers bravely dipped into the water, some even more than once (I was not one of those people).

The dinner afterwards was one of the highlights of the trip: barbecue, evening sun, lakeside, and great people. It really felt like the start of summer!

A perfect (and delicious!) start to the summer.
A perfect (and delicious!) start to the summer.

The lovely Saturday was topped off with a part of the group watching the Eurovision finals and the rest playing board games, both activities lasting well into Sunday. We really made the most of it!

yardgames_ta2- Saga Arola and Viivi Paavola- Thespians Anonymous 2017

Sunday continued with a lazy breakfast after a good night’s sleep. Some of us left soon after breakfast to celebrate Mothers’ Day (and enjoy an ice cream at the sunny bus station before that), but the cabin was enjoyed by the rest of TA until the evening. The weather, company, and food were really on our side for the whole weekend – 5/5, would go again!

Photo credits to Saga Arola and Viivi Paavola



Siiri Turunen joined Thespians in 2011 and has since tried out producing and secretary-ing in addition to acting. With a small break in the spring, she is excited for future adventures with TA.

Thespians Anonymous is an active, non-profit amateur drama group that aims to promote English language, culture and drama work in Finland. For more information about who we are and what we are doing visit Thespians Anonymous’ webpage  or follow us on our Facebook page.

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