Photo shooting: Myths and Legends (Part 3)

The time for the third and last part of the photo shooting Myths and Legends has arrived. This time we present another member of the Olympian family, the goddess of wisdom, knowledge, arts and literature, Athena as well as a water nymph coming from the Slavic myth0logy named Rusalka.


According to mythology Athena, the daugher of Zeus, strang from her father's forehead in full armour.



Athens was brave and fearless, always ready to defend her home from outside enemies.



























Rusalka, the soul of a young woman who died in the river and came back to haunt the waters.






















What does she want? To lure young men, enchanted by her beauty, inside the deep water.
















A sweet song was enough to seduce any man and entrap them into the water. Even little children could not escape...
















"She looks at him and brushes gently the hair and water off her arms. He shakes with fear and looks intently at her seductive, luscious charms" (taken from the poem Rusalka written by Alexander Pushkin
















 Photo credit: Anna Simoroshka Kruglaia


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