Hanging out with the Thespians Anonymous- May Edition

Hanging out with Thespians Anonymous- Play reading: The Game

When Life and Death decide to play a game no one can be sure about the winner. One thing is certain; they will both try their best to prove who is stronger. Youth and a Girl are the puppets in their game; Youth is a young poet with a broken heart and the Girl is a dancer blessed with fame and glory but without love in her life.

LIFE: My dear Death, I wish you would grant me a favor!

Both of them are seeking to relief their pain with death but what they find is what they were really looking for; the one and only love! But Death cannot permit a happy ending and although they both gave up the idea of dying, the game is called a tie and the two lovers will be separated!

Well, it was a good game after all. You see, that's the difference between you and me; you play to win, and I play for the fun of the thing.

This is the plot of the one act morality play that we decided to read during the Thespians Anonymous’ hang-out evening. The Game by Louise Bryant was an interesting reading that brought up a short discussion on the moral aspect of the play in a funny and relaxed atmosphere created by the writer’s sarcastic tone.Play readings are often organized and it is a great way for anyone, whether interesting in acting or directing, to get familiar with different types of plays and maybe have the chance to participate or organize something related to that play.

So, what are you thinking of? Join our upcoming hang-outs and you will not regret it!









Dimitra Spyratou is a new Thespians Anonymous’ member and very interested in theater and anything related to it. This blog post is the first one in covering Thespians Anonymous’ hang-outs. Blog posts about all our hang-outs will be posted on a monthly basis.

Thespians Anonymous is an active, non-profit amateur drama group that aims to promote English language, culture and drama work in Finland. For more information about who we are and what we are doing visit Thespians Anonymous’ webpage  or follow us on our Facebook page.








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